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This community is exactly what the name says. Here you are able to express your opinion and give a review of your favorite music albums, movies, books, comics, theater, actors, video games, etc.

Tell us about the movie you just saw, or the book you finished reading. Tell us about a television show you just watch and let us know why we should try watching it ourselves. Give us your opinion of a the latest episode of your favorite series, or find out what you missed that evening.

You can review any form of entertainment from any culture. From American movies, to Indian television shows, to English rock music.

There are a few rules you must follow if you want to remain a member. I don't think that these rules are in any way unreasonable.

The rules:
1) No Spoilers! If you do so, without proper warning of the spoiler, your post will be deleted. If you need to reveal spoilers in your post in order to make a point, be sure to warn the other members sufficiently beforehand (ie. **Spoiler** in your heading or just before the spoiler) Using the lj-cut feature is also recommended.
2) No flaming.
3) No unneccessary cursing/swearing.
4) If your review is exceptionally long, please use the lj-cut feature.
5) Large pictures or multiple pictures must be put behind a lj-cut.
6) Posts must be on topic. Posts concerning personal things, (ie. such as lousy dates, but nothing involving your opinion of the movie you saw) are for your own journal.
7) Absolutely no reviews of porn, N-17 movies, or anything else that would not be suitable for younger members. Remember, there are 13-year-olds reading this stuff.
8) Please use common sense, decorum, and a little courtesy while being apart of this community.
9) Correct grammar and spelling is urged in this community. You must have spell-checkers and/or dictionaries, so please use them. Of course, the occassional mistake will happen (nobody is perfect).

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